A New Year, Renewed Chi and a 2010/2011 writing/drawing project

Happy New Year … Happy Renewed CHI!
Aha … 2011, we are SO ready for you!

The beginning of a new year gives us a chance to pause and fully reflect on the past, and to consider the possibilities and CREATE beautiful new magnificent experiences.

At the core of each of us is our Chi–our life force. We all have some and an equal amout of it! Each of us has unlimited potential to create and be creative, whether we believe we are “creative” or not.  Chi animates us, it’s the creative force at play in each of us.  The secret to fully expressing our creativity is to limit our own inner self-talk and criticism and “Dance like nobody’s watching,” as Mark Twain once wrote.

Whether you’ve experienced happiness or unhappiness, boredom or an abundance of choice in your life this past year, consider how you spend your Chi on a day-to-day basis. Maintaining or changing how and what you spend your energy and time on, can significantly change your experience and the opportunities that come your way, and ultimately how you feel about your life. 

All we really possess in this world is our Chi: how we use or give it and how we withhold or conserve it. Chi really is THE universal currency. How we choose to use our energy, well that’s the secret to our contentment–oooh, dare I say?–our happiness!

2010 was a wonderful year full of blessings, epiphanies, and new creative births in my life. I have profound gratitude to 2010 and the lessons and wisdom born of it.

Thanks to new beginnings in 2010 I continue to meet so many new beautiful souls through this blog and by making our playthings for Monkey Chi! You, my readers are so so so amazing and inspirational to me, and I thank you from the bottom of my toesies for reading, sharing and spending your precious Chi with me in this way! Thank you, thank you THANK YOU! 

 Togetherness Project Idea

♥ Crayons ♥ Paper ♥ Presence. That’s all you need for this one!

Write it out, set it free on its way to YOU!

Write it out, set it free on its way to YOU!

To fully recount and embrace all that 2010 means to us, we did a simple family writing/coloring creation together. Every member of my family had two blank pieces of paper: On each we wrote 2010 and 2011.

For 2010 we each drew and wrote feelings, memories, and things that we were thankful for that we experienced throughout the year. We looked at photos from the past year to jog our memory. We wrote about what we learned about ourself, and what surprised us the most.

To daydream and create our 2011 we wrote down feelings and experiences we intend and want to bring to our experience this year.

In this togetherness project, I learned a lot about myself and my beautiful family. It was a simple and thoughtful time that led to a lot of sharing.

Hmmm. When you hold last year in your mind’s eye, what makes your heart smile? What did you put behind you? What did you learn and what are you most thankful for? AND what about this beautiful shiny NEW 2011?! What do you want to realize this year? Any inner self-talk or self-criticism holding you back? What do you want to bring into your field of experience? What do you want to give? How do you want to live … to feel? Where do you want to go … and what would you love to eat? Oooh, do tell me, I’m feeling a bit nosy (and hungry)!

One of my wishes for 2011 is to grow our Monkey Musings readership to connect and inspire more people to take time to be fully present and consciously create something with someone they love. If you enjoy our Monkey Musings, I’d be honored if you’d share our page with your friends and on Facebook.

Wishing you STARbursts of creativity and many loving happy memories with someone YOU love!

Becky and the Monkeys


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