Welcome Spring: Ode (and owed) to Fairies

The Fairy Queen
Come, follow, follow me,
You, fairy elves that be;
Which circle on the greene,
Come follow Mab, your queene,
Hand in hand let’s dance around,
For this place is fairy ground.

(Download a free 1-page printable  Fairy Poems PDF )

Happy May Day Beautiful Creative Monkeys!

The English celebrate the first day of May through many beautiful traditions like dancing around a may pole with ribbons and flowers, and watching Morris dancers in colorful outfits bang sticks together as they dance.

I am from England and when I was a wee one, I remember celebrating May Day in a parade with my dear Dad, who was wearing a funny Morris dancing outfit. I made tissue paper flowers with my beautiful Mum to decorate our parade float. Thus began my passion for tissue flowers, and may have been the seed that led me to use these flowers in Monkey Chi Monkey Do table decorations and our packaging.

May Day is a special day to celebrate the flowers of Spring and the forthcoming fruits of Summer. It makes me think of my sweet Granny, my beloved maternal grandmother who parted our earth on this day; whenever I think of her I think of Fairies.

You see, when I was about 6 years old, Granny told me all about the fairies who lived in her garden. I remember walking with her through seemingly endless rows of flowers, as she showed me exactly where they lived and how they helped us. I have only ever seen one fairy in all my life, and that radiant sprite has kept me on a quest to find another one ever since!

I told my daughters all about fairies and of course we have numerous books detailing fairy likes/dislikes, and what they do exactly and how they help all things in nature, principally caring for the flowers and small wild animals. Fairy Magic orchestrates so many things in our beautiful world, and as an Ode to Fairies and the beautiful magic they do on our behalf, we share this Togetherness Project: a Magic Fairy Garden.

(For those just joining us, togetherness projects are projects that you do completely connected with someone you love, and disconnected from phones/handheld devices and basically anything that could pull your mind, body and spirit away from the person you are with. Click here for a more thorough description.)

Supplies needed for a fairy garden. (Not pictured: your imagination.)

♥ flower pot (we used a long planter so we could put lots of goodies inside for fairy joy)
♥ potting soil
♥ your choice of flower seeds (we used forget-me-knots, sweet Williams & sweet peas)
♥ a few flowers already in bloom like pansies, phlox and marigolds
♥ assorted rocks, crystals, shells, pebbles, beads, and bits of wood–anything that you think will attract the fairies, as fairies simply cannot resist sparkly pretty things!
♥ Chia seeds, like from chia pets. These little seeds are nutritious to eat like flax seed–and can be found in most natural food stores– but they also sprout and grow quickly, creating beautiful radiant grass, perfect for fairy circles. If you can’t find Chia, you can use regular grass seeds, or skip altogether, but it’s good to use especially if you or your partner are eager fairy gardeners.
♥ Optional: paint and brush to decorate bits of wood, doll house furniture, silk flowers, marbles, whatever your fairies desire.

Fill your flower pot with soil. Plant 1 or 2 flowers, sprinkle some flower seeds and cover lightly with soil. The girls wanted to mark where the flower seeds were and used some rocks and little wood fences we found at a craft store. Emma included a teeny clay doll house chair and table, and a little doggie for the fairies to play with. Abbey filled a large seashell with water, and dropped a crystal quartz stone into the pool so fairies could have  a little pool.

After we set up the fairy gardens, we determined where best to put the fairy grass (Chia seeds). This was messy and mucky and fun (and I’m still finding chia seeds in my hair and dried on my legs, hahahah!. I filled a glass jar with about a cup of chia seeds and then added some water to make a mucky paste.

Let's hope these seeds grow!

Watch it … the seeds expand and get very slimey.  The girls loved it and took the seedy mix and spread it over the areas free from other flower seeds.

One word: MAGIC!!!!

In one hour we had such fun making our Fairy gardens. I read a few poems about fairies ( here’s a free printable I made just for you Fairy Poems PDF), to get us in the mood and to attract any other fairies in our general vacinity. (Fairies have exceptional hearing!)

Abbey told me a fairy has already visited her garden tonight, as the little seat she made out of cardboard was wet- a fairy had danced in her seashell water pool and then sat down to take a rest.

Wishing you many magical creative togetherness moments!

Becky and the Monks (and the fairies too)

P.S. For readers who may not (gasp) believe … I can’t even finish that sentence! Well, let me rephrase: For those who may need more evidence of Fairies: Have you ever noticed picture frames or wall hangings in your home are straight one day and then somehow crooked the next? How do you think that happens? Well, I absolutely know! Your house is blessed by Fairies! There you have it. Need I say more?!

P.P.S. I’ll post pictures when the flowers and grass are in bloom, and of course if we see any fairies!

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